School Social Deprivation Index for North Rhine-Westphalia

Information about the project

A multitude of studies in the field of spatial education research highlight the unequal distribution of school participation based on the social environment. Given this heterogeneity, there has been a longstanding call in North Rhine-Westphalia for a school-specific social deprivation index that takes into account the specific local circumstances, enabling targeted support for schools to help reduce disparities in educational opportunities.

Prof. Dr. Jörg-Peter Schräpler and Sebastian Jeworutzki were jointly commissioned by the Ministry of School and Education of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, in collaboration with the State Institute for Schools (QUA-LiS NRW), to construct such a school social deprivation index. The text at hand describes the indicators on which the social index is based, the statistical procedures used for its construction, and the data foundation on which it is calculated. Finally, the school social index is evaluated using data from the central exams after grade 10 and the comparative assessments (VERA 3 and 8), and potential approaches for categorizing the social index are discussed.