M.A. Social Science - Social Research Methods

Social Research Methods

Program of Specialization in Social Science

The Master's study program in Methods of Social Research combines a social science education with comprehensive methodological training. This program allows students to enhance their expertise in various subjects offered by the faculty while simultaneously developing a strong grasp of empirical social research methods.

The growing accessibility of data and advancements in its collection and analysis methods have enhanced the analytical potential in social science research. As a result, the demands for methodological qualifications among social scientists have grown.

This study program provides interested students the opportunity to expand their knowledge in both statistical methods and qualitative approaches in empirical social research. It prepares students for careers in social science research at universities, research institutes, or even within the field of market research. The methodological training is integrated into a social science curriculum, allowing for further specialization in the disciplines of sociology, political science, social economics, and social psychology/social anthropology.

In addition to imparting theoretical, methodological, and statistical knowledge, this program places a substantial emphasis on practical data management and applications using common statistical software packages (including R, Stata, and SPSS). Furthermore, elective courses provide opportunities to delve deeper into qualitative data collection and analysis methods.

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