S Modern Applied Regression Analysis with R (VSD, Teil I)

The seminar deals with regression techniques for longitudinal and cross-sectional data. Different methods are implemented with the statistical programming language R and illustrated by using the PSID data set.

R is a free open source software for data analysis, which is widely used in academic research and business applications. R and RStudio are available free of charge for all major operating systems.

The course is divided into the following topics:

- Introduction
- Data management for panel data
- Non-parametric regression methods and scatterplot smoothing
- Parametric regression methods (OLS)
- Mediation analysis and interaction effects
- Semiparametric regression and splines
- Generalized linear models and logistic regression
- Reporting and visualizing regression results
- Panel regression: fixed-effects and random-effects models
- Regression in machine learning applications: feature selection and cross validation

The seminar follows a flipped-classroom approach. Participants have access to extensive interactive tutorials that introduce and explain various regression techniques and their implementation in R. The seminar sessions provide the opportunity to deepen the topics covered, ask questions, and discuss example analyses using R and the PSID data.

Voraussetzungen für Studiennachweise / Modulprüfungen
Attendance certificates (“Studiennachweis”) can be obtained through active participation and the completion of exercises. The module examination additionally includes the preparation of a term paper.


Sebastian Jeworutzki


  • Donnerstag, 06.04.2023 (1. Termin)
    14:00 bis 16:00 Uhr
    GD E1/208 CIP-Pool


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